ENVI BOOST (1500 Puffs)


ENVI Vape is the underdog you never thought would rise up above the ashes!

This disposable vape brand was a diamond hidden in the haystack until it became the crowd favorite!
ENVI is designed with unique and delicious flavours that are packed into a disposable vaping unit for portable and discreet vaping.

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Device Specifications
– Puffs: Up to 1500
– Battery: 900 mAh
– Liquid Volume: 5 mL

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Blue Razz, Grape, Green Apple, Peacgh Iced, Orange Mango Guava, Banana Iced, Mango Iced, Orange Iced, Blood Orange Iced, Lush Iced (Watermelon), Burst (lemon-lime), Cappuccino, Pineapple Iced, Classic Red (cola), Lychee Ice, Peach Berry, Intense Mint, Pink Lemon, Mango Peach Watermelon, Strawberry Delight, Strawberry Iced, Grapefruit Guava Iced (Remix Series), Mixed Berries, Orange Mango Guava, Banana Blackberry Melon Iced (Remix Series), Lychee Watermelon Strawberry Iced (Remix Series), Orange Grape Apple Iced (Remix Series), Kiwi Pomegranate Berry Iced, Pineapple Coconut Lime Iced, Raspberry Mango Peach Iced (Remix Series), Strawberry Citrus Iced (Remix Series), Strawberry Kiwi Banana Iced (Remix Series), Pineapple Punch Iced, Passionfruit Iced, White Grape Iced, *NEW* Apple Passionfruit Grapefruit Iced (Remix Series), *NEW* Cocoa, *NEW* Fresh Mint, *NEW* Grape Raspberry Peach Iced (Remix Series), *NEW* Winter Blast




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